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Welcome to ERS Design Co.

How did ERS Design Co. Start?

ERS Design Co. is dedicated to creating beautiful, impactful branding and websites for shelters and rescues. The founder, Elaina, has a deep love for animals and has witnessed the struggles that shelters and rescues face. Her experience as a foster and rescue mom (dogs pictured below) has inspired her to use her skills and passion to help these organizations tell their stories and showcase their amazing animals. We are committed to creating websites that not only look beautiful but also effectively communicate the mission at hand. 


Why Choose ERS Design Co.?

At ERS Design Co., we understand the importance of strong and effective design for animal rescues and shelters. We have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and needs of these organizations, and we use this knowledge to create designs that truly make a difference. Our team works closely with each organization to ensure that our designs are tailored to their specific needs and that they are effective in reaching their target audience. 

Designing for Animal Rescues and Shelters

We are passionate about creating strong and unique brands, websites, and online presences for animal rescues and shelters. Our goal is to help these organizations gain more supporters, fosters, and donors, so they can continue to make a positive impact in the animal rescue community. We believe that every animal rescue and shelter is special and deserves a custom design that reflects their mission and values. If you are an animal rescue or shelter in need of a new website or branding, contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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